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Market trends are now moving towards Recyclable Packaging and using recyclable materials. A question arises does this moniker known as “Recyclable Packaging” really exist? Well, there is no doubt that the trend has emerged but still, the process of recycling is very costly. It is obvious the recycled product and the recycle paper is not as similar as the original one. So, is it worth going through this process?

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The recycled paper and the material could never be of the same quality. The used packages and papers are converted into a pulp state and then they are ready to be used. In fact, there is a Low demand for recycled materials. Here at All Custom Boxes UK, we ensure to use the highest quality recyclable material for packaging.

But as there are alternative uses for the cards and papers and the demand for this is growing. The waste paper has commercial value now. In fact, this idea is coupled with the increase in forestry in Northern Europe in the last decade. So, we can rest easy now as the UK is now a great place in terms of recycling the waste paper.

Here at All Custom Boxes UK, we use three types of recyclable packaging. The number one is laminated packaging. The laminated packaging is hard to recycle as it is a plastic film at the face of the packaging. This is not recyclable, but it has an alternative use thanks to the light cure process. But this is not easy once it is under the soil.

The second type of packaging is Foam Packaging. There are two types of foam the first one which could be recycled but the other one that is hard to recycle. This is often difficult to differentiate. So, there is a way in which we can save the environment from this Foam Packaging. The default way is to put them in a landfill. There is a suggestion to fit them in cardboard as all the cardboards are 100% recyclable.

The third type of packaging is Blister Packs. These Blister Packs are recyclable, but it only depends on the type of plastic being used. This is notorious for being the material that is damaging the planet and wildlife. Well, the recyclability always depends upon the type of the packaging material being submitted for the recycling. We all know that the cardboard can be recycled and the impact of the forestry. But the material being developed with the oil in it is having a finite nature. Recycling or deconstructing it would have a bad impact on the environment.

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